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High Traffic Carpet Cleaning: 7 Tips for Keeping Your High-Traffic Areas Clean

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning: 7 Tips for Keeping Your High-Traffic Areas Clean
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Life can be chaotic. So can dealing with the upkeep of high-traffic carpet areas.

At Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning, we understand that when you live a busy lifestyle it can be challenging to keep your carpet looking its best, especially in those areas with a lot of foot traffic.

In this guide, we offer seven tips designed to elevate your carpet’s aesthetic resilience and subtly hint when it might be time to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Tips For Keeping Your High-Traffic Carpet Areas Clean

As professional carpet cleaners, we know a thing or two about high-traffic carpets. From how you vacuum to when (and how) to remove stains from your carpet, we have tips to help keep your carpet clean and looking its best.

1. Vacuum Slowly for Cleaner Carpets

To keep your carpet looking and feeling fresh, take your time when vacuuming. Quick vacuum sessions might miss spots, leaving dirt behind. Slow down a bit, and let the vacuum brush do its thing – agitating the carpet and sucking up all the dirt. This not only keeps your carpet clean but also helps to raise the carpet fibers to appear less flattened.

Give extra attention to high-traffic areas when vacuuming. Taking a bit more time to thoroughly clean these spots removes the dirt that can harm your carpet over time. Though it may take a little longer, it’s one of the simplest tricks to renew your carpet and keep it in great condition.

2. Sweep Entryways and Keep Entry Rugs Clean

Regularly sweeping entry rugs and outdoor areas will minimize the amount of dirt brought inside. This is a simple way to reduce the wear and tear of your carpet and avoid tracking in unwanted dirt.

One handy tip: keep a broom near your high-traffic entrances. It’s a great reminder to sweep up and means leaving more dirt outside and less ending up on (and in) your carpets. If you’re not into having a broom sitting out, no worries, it’s just an idea. 🙂

3. Remove Stains as Soon as They Happen

Get that spray bottle with carpet cleaning solution ready, because we’re talking stain removal! Removing stains from carpet is challenging, especially in high traffic areas since they are usually where things get dropped while making your way from the kitchen to the couch.

Blot these stains as soon as they happen with a cloth and use spot remover if necessary. When it comes to stain removal remember: “the sooner the better.”

Dealing with them immediately can help prevent them from becoming an unsightly permanent fixture in your home. Have a tough stain that just won’t come out? Call the carpet cleaning experts at Revive.

4. Keep Your Carpet Cleaner – Don’t Wear Shoes

One of the more basic forms of carpet care is to ask visitors to remove their shoes when they enter your home. This helps to prevent dirt from being tracked inside and onto the carpet. It’s also a great way to maintain freshness and prolong the lifespan of the carpet.

A “no shoes” policy, along with regular cleaning of outdoor spaces is a one-two punch that can help in eliminating any of the upstream issues that cause dirty carpets.

5. Rearrange Furniture as a Simple High Traffic Strategy

Hear us out on this one. It really can be as simple as moving your furniture. This is because rearranging furniture changes the foot traffic patterns in your home and helps in preventing dirt from being driven deeper into the carpet.

At the same time moving furniture around also gives you easier access to evaluate and clean these previously inaccessible areas.

6. Use Area Rugs for Effective Protection and to Prevent Damage

While it may not necessarily be a way to clean your carpet, it is a way to keep carpet clean. Consider placing attractive area rugs or hallway runners in high-traffic areas. These carpets help in providing an extra layer of protection, and can be more cost-effective than replacing an entire room of carpeting.

Plus, there’s the added bonus that area rugs are easy to take outside, remove dirt and debris, and wash or clean.

7. Get a Regular Professional Cleaning – This one is our favorite

Here’s our subtle plug to invest in commercial carpet cleaning. That’s because here at Revive we know our service professionals use high-quality hot water extraction methods to deep-clean carpets to remove trapped dust, pollen, grime, microbes and whatever else has found its way into your carpet.

Commercial Cleaning helps extend the life of your carpets and is often a requirement for maintaining carpet warranties.

Simply put, sometimes there’s just no substitute for regular professional cleaning!

High Traffic Carpet Cleaning: 8 Tips for Keeping Your High-Traffic Areas Clean

If all else fails, Revive Offers Professional Carpet Cleaning For Your High-Traffic Areas

Regular carpet cleaning and maintenance in the high-traffic areas of your home can help in minimizing damage done to carpet fibers as well as create a more aesthetic atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a professional carpet cleaning company, Revive is here with solutions to help target the high-traffic areas in your home.

Contact us at any time to schedule your carpet cleaning today!


Jeff Dalrymple
Posted February 15, 2024
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