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Revive offers the very best carpet cleaning services for your home or office.

Revive Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning
Revive Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Revive Carpet Cleaning Services

Friday night’s glass of wine and Sunday morning’s coffee are amazing, but they can wreak havoc on your home’s carpet. Kids, pets and dirty shoes are a part of life, but with Revive nothing is permanent and no carpet is beyond repair.

At Revive we don’t “manage expectations”; we deliver exceptional results.

The longevity and beauty of your home’s carpet is closely tied to its upkeep and general maintenance. With proper professional maintenance cleanings and protection, most carpets should last 15 years or more without substantial wear. Professional carpet cleanings improve indoor air quality, protect warranties, and extend the life of your carpet. Plus… It just feels really, really nice. 😊

The Benefits of Having a Professional Clean Your Carpets

Health Benefits of Clean Carpets

Revive’s commitment to your well-being goes beyond the surface. Professional carpet cleaning is a cornerstone of a healthier indoor environment. Here’s how we ensure your space becomes a haven of cleanliness:

Our professional carpet cleaning services go beyond the visible surface, targeting embedded dirt and stains to restore your carpets to their pristine condition.

Whether it’s heavy foot traffic or stubborn dirt, we have the expertise to eliminate it, leaving your carpets looking fresh and renewed.

Pet stains and odors can be challenging, but our specialized treatments are designed to tackle these issues effectively.

We understand the unique challenges of pet-related carpet problems and offer solutions that not only remove stains but also eliminate  odors, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment for pet owners.

Carpets are your home’s largest air filter, and as such are notorious for harboring allergens like dust, pet dander, and pollen.

Our professional cleaning techniques specifically target and eliminate these allergens, providing relief for allergy sufferers.

With our thorough approach, we reduce the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory issues, creating a healthier indoor environment for you and your family.

Dust mites, microscopic pests that thrive in carpets, can exacerbate allergies and respiratory problems.

Our specialized methods for dust mite control go beyond surface cleaning.

We employ techniques that penetrate deep into the carpet fibers, ensuring the removal of these microscopic pests and creating a cleaner, safer environment for your family.

Carpets often act as filters, trapping pollutants such as dirt, bacteria, and toxins.

Our comprehensive cleaning process goes beyond simple surface cleaning, extracting these pollutants from the depths of your carpets.

This not only revitalizes the appearance of your carpets but also promotes cleaner air quality, contributing to a healthier living or working space.

Our commitment to your well-being extends to the very air you breathe. Through our carpet cleaning services, we don’t just clean; we revive.

By removing contaminants like dirt, allergens, and pollutants from your carpets, we actively contribute to creating a clean and breathable atmosphere.

This is essential for overall well-being, ensuring that the air in your home or business is fresh and conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

Revive Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Aesthetic Restoration for Your Carpet

At Revive we understand the impact that clean carpets can have on the visual appeal and ambiance of your space. Our services are crafted to go beyond mere cleanliness, providing a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impression:

A freshly cleaned carpet enhances positive mental well-being by creating a visually pleasing, comfortable and organized environment.

The cleanliness contributes to a sense of accomplishment, reduces stress, and promotes a healthier living space, fostering a positive mindset and a more relaxed, comfortable home or work atmosphere.

Over time, carpets can lose their luster due to accumulated dirt and stains.

Our professional cleaning methods are designed to restore carpets to their original vibrancy, bringing back the richness of colors and patterns that may have been hidden beneath layers of grime.

Feel the difference in the texture of your carpets after our expert cleaning.

We go beyond surface cleaning, ensuring that your carpets not only look clean but also feel soft and revived to the touch.

Clean carpets contribute to a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.

Whether it’s a home or a business space, our services are tailored to enhance the overall ambiance, creating a welcoming environment for residents, guests, or clients.

Your carpets make a statement about your space.

With our meticulous cleaning services, we aim to leave a lasting impression.

Clean, well-maintained carpets speak volumes about your commitment to cleanliness and attention to detail.

Revive Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
Breathe new life into your carpets

Our Advanced Carpet Cleaning Techniques Offer the Best Results

At Revive, we use advanced carpet cleaning techniques such as truckmount steam cleaning, Very Low Moisture (VLM), and hot water extraction.

Our state-of-the-art equipment ensures a deep and effective cleaning process.

Your Revive technician will assess the condition of your carpets, identifying any specific stains, high-traffic areas, or other issues that may require special attention and discuss any thoughts they might have prior to the cleaning.

Specialized pre-treatment solutions, designed for your homes specific needs, are applied to all areas .

This helps to break down and loosen dirt, oils and other ickys, making them easier to remove during the cleaning process.

All of our applications are friendly and safe for children and pets.

A mechanical counter-rotating-brush may be used to agitate and lift embedded soils and debris from the carpet fibers and backing.

This mechanical action helps by improving the effectiveness of the cleaning process and enhancing overall cleanliness, particularly with heavily soiled carpets.

Stains and spots are treated with specific cleaning applications tailored to the type of stain.

Professionals at Revive have the expertise and products to address a wide range of stains, including those from pets, food, and beverages.

This is the most effective method of carpet cleaning for residential homes.

Hot water extraction involves steaming the carpet under high pressure.

Simultaneously, a powerful truckmount vacuum extracts the water along with dissolved dirt and contaminants.

Alternatively, very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning is a method that uses minimal water during the cleaning process.

It involves the application of specialized encapsulation solutions and the use of a rotary cleaner with either bonnet or encapsulation pads.

VLM is highly efficient and dries very quickly, and is suitable for routine maintenance, minimizing disruption to daily activity which can be ideal particularly in commercial settings.

Revive offers only the highest quality in residential and commercial fiber protectors.

This helps to repel future stains and spills, while guarding your carpets fibers from natural wear, extending the longevity of the carpet.

After cleaning, the carpet may be groomed using a carpet rake or brush to restore the pile and ensure an even appearance.

Grooming also aids in the distribution of protective treatments if applied.

Revive offers some of the fastest dry times in the industry with a standard residential dry time of just a few hours.

Proper ventilation is essential to ensure carpets dry thoroughly.

Your technician will conduct a post-cleaning inspection to ensure that the cleaning meets the desired standards.

If there are any remaining spots or areas of concern, additional spot treatments may be applied.

Your technician will walk through the cleaned areas with you, addressing any questions or concerns.

The Revive Cleaning Process and Safety Pledge

Client Safety First:

Your safety is our priority. We follow strict safety protocols and use the latest cleaning techniques to ensure that our methods are not only effective but also safe for all occupants, including children and pets.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Agents:

Rest easy knowing that we use only non-toxic cleaning technology. Our commitment to your well-being extends to the products we use, providing a cleaning solution that is both effective and environmentally friendly. Our cleaning equipment leaves no residue left behind.

Eco-Friendly Products:

We prioritize the health of your environment. In addition to our cleaning products being non-toxic, they are also eco-friendly and provide a safe and sustainable solution to dissolve dirt without impacting the environment.

Proudly serving Twin Cities, Minnesota

Our Carpet Cleaning Service Areas in Minnesota

Residential Carpet Cleaning:

Our residential carpet cleaning process goes beyond surface cleaning. We employ deep-cleaning techniques to ensure a thorough removal of dirt and grime.

Specialized treatments for stains and odors leave your carpets looking and smelling fresh. Our process ensures your carpet stays cleaner longer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

Tailored for business environments, our commercial carpet cleaning solutions address high-traffic areas with precision.

We offer flexible scheduling to minimize disruptions to your operations and can design carpet maintenance programs to keep your space consistently clean. Our fully insured technicians treat your property with the highest level of customer service.

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Revive Carpet Cleaning in Minnesota
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

The frequency of carpet cleaning depends on factors such as foot traffic, pets, and the presence of allergens.

As a general guideline, carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year.

We employ various cleaning methods, including steam cleaning, dry cleaning, and hot water extraction.

The choice of method depends on factors such as carpet type, level of soiling, and client preferences.

Yes, we prioritize the safety of your family and pets.

Our cleaning products are non-toxic and eco-friendly, ensuring a safe and healthy environment.

Drying times vary based on factors like humidity and carpet thickness.

Typically, carpets may take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours to dry completely.

We use equipment to expedite the drying process.

Yes, we offer furniture moving for most standard items including standard 3 seat couches, chairs and end tables.

We do not move beds, dressers, sectionals or electronics of any kind.

Technicians are limited to moving items weighing less than 60 lbs.

We specialize in stain removal and have a very high success rate.

The ability to remove tough stains depends on factors such as the type of stain and how long it has been present.

Tip: Our stain removal success rate goes through the roof when we know exactly what caused the staining.

It’s not mandatory, but we recommend someone be present to discuss any specific concerns or preferences.

We ensure our team is trustworthy and professional.

Regular vacuuming and addressing spills promptly are key for carpet maintenance.

We provide post-cleaning care guidelines to help you keep your carpets in top condition.

Absolutely. We offer specialized commercial carpet cleaning services tailored to high-traffic areas.

Our flexible scheduling minimizes disruptions to your business operations.

Professional cleaning utilizes commercial-grade equipment and expertise, ensuring a deeper clean and better results.

DIY machines may not be as effective and can leave residue or damage carpets if not used correctly.

We provide transparent pricing.

Any potential additional charges, such as for stain treatments or furniture moving, will be discussed and agreed upon before the cleaning process begins.

Yes, we stand behind the quality of our work.

If you’re not satisfied with the results, we will work with you to address any concerns and ensure your satisfaction.