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Cleaning Tips: Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors In Open Spaces

Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors In Open Spaces - Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning
Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Open-concept spaces are beautiful. They give a sense of expansiveness and volume. But they also can be daunting when it comes time to clean.

At Revive, we know that keeping your open floor-plan wood floors beautiful isn’t always easy. Here are some tips for keeping your wood floors stunning.

Clean Hardwood Solutions: Our Top 10 Tips For Clean Hardwood Floors in Large Areas

1. Create a Cleaning Schedule:

Establish a regular cleaning schedule to maintain cleanliness throughout the open space. Consistency in cleaning helps prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. Think of clean wood floors as a long-term goal more than a short-term task and run a damp mop or dry dust mop over your floors on a regular basis to keep them looking great.

2. Use Multi-Functional Cleaning Tools:

Invest in versatile cleaning tools that can handle different surfaces. Multi-functional cleaners and tools can streamline the cleaning process for engineered wood and laminate hardwood surfaces. Lightweight, multifunctional hardwood floor cleaners can clean your hardwood floors, but also vacuum rugs and carpet in the area.

3. Zone Cleaning:

Divide the open space into zones and clean one zone at a time. This approach ensures thorough cleaning without feeling overwhelming.

4. Dust from Top to Bottom:

Start cleaning from the top (e.g., ceiling fans, shelves) and work your way down to the floor. This prevents dust and debris from settling on already-cleaned surfaces.

5. Address High-Traffic Areas:

Pay special attention to high-traffic areas where dirt and wear are more pronounced, making the surface of the floor look dull and overused. Use rugs or runners to protect and define these spaces. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, and rugs and runners can add to the decor while being practical.

Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors In Open Spaces - Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

6. Consider Smart Cleaning Gadgets:

Explore smart cleaning gadgets that can automate certain cleaning tasks. Robotic vacuums and mops can be programmed to clean specific areas, automatically removing stains, dust bunnies, dirt, and grime.

7. Rotate Furniture and Accessories:

Periodically rearrange furniture and accessories to clean and prevent wear on specific areas, minimizing the need for cleaning and making the overall hardwood floor cleaning program more effective. This also adds a fresh look to the open space.

8. Use Natural Cleaning Solutions:

Consider the floor cleaning solutions you use to clean your hardwood. Try Natural cleaners for a chemical-free and eco-friendly approach. These are not only a better choice (one that Revive also chooses) but also will be less damaging to wood finishes. Lemon, vinegar, and baking soda can be effective natural cleaners.

9. Involve Everyone in the Household:

Share cleaning responsibilities with everyone in the household. Encourage a collaborative effort to keep the open space clean and organized. Wood floor cleaning is a team effort!

10. Periodically Have the Space Professionally Cleaned:

Periodic professional cleaning is always a good idea.  At Revive, we have been using environmentally safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies for years. We can do your professional maintenance without loading your space with toxins our commercial wood floor cleaners are non-toxic, quick drying, and don’t leave a residue.

Our technicians have all the tools needed to make your wood floors shine without a scratch.

Best Ways to Clean Hardwood Floors In Open Spaces - Revive Carpet & Air Duct Cleaning

Sometimes the Best Wood Floor Cleaning is Done by the Pros

At Revive, we know that family life and work can push chores like cleaning your floors down the priority scale.

If you need your floors professionally cleaned at any time (whether as part of your annual cleaning schedule or just as needed), we are here to help. Contact us for a non-toxic, environmentally friendly clean hardwood floor in your open-concept room any time.

Jeff Dalrymple
Posted May 21, 2024
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